First-Time Applicants

If you have registered with CDHBC at any time in the past, please see Annual Renewals.


All registration applications take 2 to 4 weeks to process from the date that a complete application is received.

Please note additional documents may be required, and processing of these may take up to 6 weeks.

Until notified by phone that registration has been processed, an applicant is NOT allowed to work as a dental hygienist in BC.

Preparing to Apply

Carefully review the information contained within the Registration Information Guide. We also provide a checklist of the requirements to assist you in the application process.

To complete the registration process, you will need:

  • Your contact information
  • Your relevant education information
  • Notarized photo, and photo notarization form
  • Criminal Record Check (CRC): CRC Online, or CRC Consent Form. **If you are unable to complete the CRC online, please send your hard copy forms to the CDHBC office as the Ministry requires that we verify your ID. The Ministry will not accept paper forms that are not verified by CDHBC.**
  • Jurisprudence Education Module Certificate of Completion
  •  Recent graduates should confirm that their program and/or educational facility has been approved by the College (approved programs are listed in Schedule I)
  • Proof of eligibility to practice LA (Not applicable to those applying for Conditional or Non-Practicing registration, or to those who have graduated in the past 3 years)
  • For previously registered dental hygienists only: Letter of Good Standing from ALL jurisdictions in which you have been registered to practice dental hygiene
  • For those previously registered in another profession only: Letter of Good Standing from all jurisdictions in which you have been registered to practice any other profession
  • All practicing dental hygienists in British Columbia pay fees to the College of Dental Hygienists of BC (CDHBC), the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA), and the British Columbia Dental Hygienists Association (BCDHA) at one time. When you complete the CDHBC online application, payment for your CDHA/BCDHA membership (which includes your professional negligence insurance) will be collected as well. If you are currently registered in another jurisdiction and currently have CDHA insurance, please contact CDHA directly to discuss your membership options.
  • Payment of Fees (depending on submission method)

Registration Classifications

For more information to determine which registration classification you qualify for, please see Registration Classifications.

Application Options

CDHBC offers online registration only.


The online application allows Canadian and U.S. (only) applicants to electronically submit their registration information instantly. Payment by Mastercard, Visa, Visa Debit, or Interac Debit is accepted. Applicants from outside North America should contact the College for payment options.

If you have your documents ready, begin the online application process.

Please note that the CDHBC Registration year runs from March 1 to February 28 of each year. The half-year fees that you will pay as part of this application will only cover you until February 28, 2019. Prior to this date, you will also be required to renew your 2019/2020 license by paying the full-year 2019/2020 fees. If you do not plan on practicing before March 1, 2019, you may wish to submit all your documents to the College in advance except for the online application with payment, which can be submitted after March 1, 2019. Contact our office if you require further clarification.