365 Day Rule Exempt Registration Class

The Current Status of the "365-Day Rule" in BC

Under current regulation, dental hygienists in BC may provide services within their Scope of Practice only if a patient has been examined by a dentist within the past 365 days, or on the same day prior to treatment. Those dental hygienists with a Full (365-Day Rule Exempt) license are exempt from this requirement. Any specific and appropriate instructions which may be given by the dentist must be followed.

CDHBC has been working to remove this restriction due to the inaccessibility/unavailability of dentists to many clients in remote areas or with physical restrictions, which therefore limits their access to dental hygiene care. It is the College’s position that these clients should be given the choice to receive diagnosis and care from a dental hygienist if they are unable to access a dentist; the dental hygienist would then be required to provide the appropriate referrals and assist with facilitating referrals to a dentist or other health care professionals as necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the "365-Day Rule' and the Full Registration (365-Day Rule Exempt) Class of Licensure


Do the bylaw changes that came into effect in 2012 that replaced the Full (Residential Care) registration category with the Full Registration (365-Day Rule Exempt) category, mean that the 365-Day Rule no longer exists?

No, the 365-day rule still applies to all registrants in the Full and Conditional registration classes. The new bylaws create a new registration class that provides exemption from the 365-day rule. In order to receive exemption from the 365-day rule, registrants must be registered in this new class: Full Registration (365 Day Rule Exempt).

What does registration in the new Full Registration (365-Day Rule Exempt) class mean?

Registrants in the Full Registration (365 Day Rule Exempt) class will be able to provide dental hygiene care to any clients regardless of the date of the last dental exam. The exemption from the 365-day rule will also apply to any practice setting including, but not exclusive to, dental hygiene practices, dental offices, community care and residential care settings.

How can I become registered in the Full Registration (365-Day Rule Exempt) licensure category and be exempt from the 365-Day Rule?

Eligible Full Practicing or Conditional registrants are required to submit a formal application under one of three "Pathways" to the Full Registration (365-Day Rule Exempt) category. There are additional educational, CPR certification, and practice hour requirements over and above the requirements for Full Practicing and Conditional registration.

Click here to obtain the 365-Exempt” Registration Information Guide. If you have any questions after reviewing the detailed information provided online and in the Information Guide, please contact the CDHBC Registration Office for support.

Does the new 365-Day Rule bylaw affect the administration of local anesthetic?

No. Under these changes a dentist must still be present in order to administer local anesthetic except where a Full Registration (365 Day Rule Exempt) registrant is practicing in a facility and the local anesthetic has been authorized by a medical practitioner or dentist, and a person qualified to act in a medical emergency is immediately available.