Online Learning Plan

The CDHBC Online Learning Plan (OLP) is a new component of the current Registrant Intranet that can be accessed by registrants with a new QAP Cycle via the "Registrant Login" button at the top and bottom of this page.

Upon login, registrants with a QAP Cycle will see the tab: "QAP - ONLINE LEARNING PLAN."

In this section, registrants can review their QAP Assessment Tool feedback, create learning plans and log Continuing Competency Activities.

View some samples of the Online Learning Plan.

The OLP provides registrants with the ability to create and track two types of learning plans:

  • Guided Learning Plans
  • Self-Directed Learning Plans

Guided Learning Plans

The QAP Assessment Tool may provide registrants with feedback on their areas of knowledge that were identified as needing improvement. These areas will be grouped into categories and must be addressed through development of "Guided" Learning Plans. Registrants will define their own individualized learning goals and action plans that are appropriate to their situation and practice. Guided learning areas, if assigned, are required and will be monitored by the CDHBC through an audit process.

Self-Directed Learning Plans

Self-Directed Learning Plans are optional and may be used by registrants for planning ongoing professional development and tracking continuing competency activities. Registrants are encouraged to develop self-directed learning goals as part of their ongoing commitment to life-long learning and quality assurance.

The OLP has many screens and instructions that help guide registrants through a step-by-step- process for developing learning plans. Information and resources are embedded into the OLP for registrants with QAP Cycles.

More general information and resources on Learning Plans and Goals will be added to the website on an ongoing basis over the upcoming weeks and months.

All registrants will be assigned a Quality Assurance Program Cycle by January 1, 2018.

During the transitional period between 2013 and 2018, registrants will either have a 5 year QAP Cycle or may remain on a 3 year Continuing Competency (CC) Cycle. Registrants with CC Cycles do not have access to the Online Learning Plan.

A Learning Plan Form was created to provide an optional resource and professional development tool for registrants with CC Cycles. This learning plan form is a fillable document, similar to the Online Learning Plan format, and may be saved or printed for reference. Access the Learning Plan Form.