Schedule F: Code of Ethics

This Schedule contains the Code of Ethics for the College fo Dental Hygienists.

  1. Hold paramount the health and welfare of those served professionally;
  2. Provide competent and appropriate care to clients;
  3. Practice the principle of confidentiality;
  4. Treat clients with respect for their individual needs and values;
  5. Regard the clients’ rights to control their own care;
  6. Inform clients of the dental hygiene care available to them, clearly advise them of probable consequences of not following recommended action, but respect the client’s right of informed choice;
  7. Recognize the expertise and contribution of colleagues and other disciplines as essential to excellent client care;
  8. Uphold the principle that the public should have fair and equitable access to dental hygiene services;
  9. Maintain a high level of skill by participating in programs of continued study to update and advance their body of knowledge;
  10. Report to their licensing body or other appropriate agencies any illegal or unethical professional decisions or practices by dental hygienists, or others.
  11. Avoid a conflict of interest in carrying out professional duties, but where such conflict arises, fully disclose the circumstances without delay to the client or appropriate agency;
  12. Represent the values and ethics of dental hygiene before others, and maintain the public trust in dental hygienists and their profession;