Schedule D: Fees

This Schedule contains the 2020 Fees for the College of Dental Hygienists.

The board fixes the fees as follows:

Description Fee
Initial Registration (Full, Full (365 Day Rule Exempt),
Conditional, Non-Practicing Classes)
Application Fee  $100.00
Annual Registration (Full, Full [365 Day Rule Exempt],Conditional Classes) $515.00
Annual Registration (Non-Practicing Class) $260.00
Half Year Registration (Annual) $300.00
Temporary or Student Registration $112.00
Reinstatement Fee (Full Classes) $180.25
Reinstatement Fee (Non-Practicing Class) $91.00
Examination $2500.00
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Cheque Fee $25.00
Health Profession Corporation Permit Fee $105.00
Health Profession Corporation Permit Renewal Fee $30.00
Quality Assurance Program Non Compliance Fee $750.00