1. In these bylaws,

“Act” means the Health Professions Act;

“appointed board member” means a person appointed to the board under section 17(3)(b) of the Act;

“board” means the board of the college;

“board chair” means the chair of the board elected under section 11;

“board member” means an appointed board member or an elected board member;

“board vice-chair” means the vice-chair of the board elected under section 11;

“Code of Ethics” means the Code of Ethics set out in Schedule F;

“college” means the College of Dental Hygienists of British Columbia;

“deliver” with reference to a notice or other document, includes mail to or leave with a person, or deposit in a person’s mailbox or receptacle at the person’s residence or place of business, or transmit to the most recent electronic mail address provided to the college by a registrant for the purpose of delivery;

“dental hygiene corporation” means a health profession corporation to which a permit has been issued by the college under section 43 of the Act;

“dental hygiene professional association” means

  1. the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association,
  2. the British Columbia Dental Hygienists’ Association, or
  3. another health profession association as defined in section 1 of the Act or similar organization whose members are registrants or persons registered or licensed for the practice of dental hygiene in another jurisdiction, and whose purposes or objects include the promotion of the interests of its members;

“elected board member” means a person elected to the board under section 17(3)(a) of the Act or appointed to the board under section 8;

“eligible voter” means, in respect of an election for the office of an elected board member or the removal of an elected board member from office, a registrant who is eligible under section 3.2 to vote in an election for that office;

“examination” means a theoretical examination, given orally or in writing, or a practical examination, or any combination of these, approved by the board, and includes a supplemental examination;

“holding company”, in respect of a dental hygiene corporation, has the same meaning as in section 40.1 of the Act;

“in good standing” means, in respect of a registrant,

  1. the registration of the registrant is not suspended under the Act, and
  2. no limits or conditions are imposed on the registrant’s practice of dental hygiene under section 20(2.1) or (3), 32.2, 32.3, 33, 35, 36, 37.1, 38, 39 or 39.1 of the Act;

“Practice Standards” means the Practice Standards set out in Schedule E;

“public representative” means a person who is not a registrant or former registrant and has no close family or business relationship with a registrant or former registrant, and includes an appointed board member;

“Regulation” means the Dental Hygienists Regulation, B.C. Reg. 276/2008; 

"regulations" means the regulations under the Act; 

“respondent” means a current or former registrant named in a citation under section 37 of the Act, or a dental hygiene corporation named in a notice of permit revocation hearing under section 68;

“special resolution” means a resolution which requires a 2/3 vote of those persons present and eligible to vote at a meeting.